Vier Doom Metal bands zullen Jonosh in de donkere dagen van november nog verder de duisternis in trekken.


The band URZA was founded in May 2015 by Hannes, Olli and Marc with the aim of playing Doom Metal the extreme way. So we describe our style as Funeral Death Doom. In the following months the band has grown up to a five-piece with the addition of Thom and Marcus.


From the depressive depths of Tilburg comes Treurwilg. A massive two-guitar attack of sadness, with haunting soundscapes and rumbling vocals, destined to drag even the happiest soul down to hell. Treurwilg is here to remind you that the world is not a happy place. For fans of Amenra, Ahab, Swallow The Sun, and (early) Katatonia.


Into The Arcane is an atmospheric doom rock band from The Netherlands. ‘Sleepless We Lie, Thoughtless We Cry’ is their first full length, and also a concept album. The band was formed in 2016. In 2017 they released the EP "Het Verlangen der Geest" and played numerous shows and festivals such as ' De Zwarte Cross' in 2018. Band members' other endeavors are with Dead End, Mouflon, Pictura Poesis and My Favorite Scar. Musical influences can be found in the works of Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Tiamat, Paradise Lost, Trouble and Candlemass.


Svarthart is a Belgian doom/death metal band form the city of Antwerpen. They started in 2011 when vocalist Svartr (Dieter) joined Zeromus’ (Tom) solo project as their band at the time decided to quit. They were rehearsing the songs Zeromus had written over the years (and writing new ones as well) and recording a small 2-track single which was released as a split with Verderf. They called their music project Svarthart.

After some time of rehearsing they started to play a few local live shows as a duo (Zeromus on lead guitars and Svartr on rhythm guitars and vocals), backed by a drumming computer. In 2016, the first full length “Emptiness Filling the Void” was released. It was immediately picked up by the Spanish label Sepulchral Silence, which is distributing Svarthart’s music digitally. The same year Sven (a good friend of the guys) joined Svarthart on bass and they continued as a trio. In this period they did some bigger shows together with bands as Façade, Lying Figures and Officium Triste.

They also kept on writing and rehearsing new songs, which resulted in a second release “Awaiting the Return” in 2018. They continued playing live shows supporting the new release together with bands such as Rome in Monochrome, Hudic, River of Souls and Pantheïst.

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